ESPA Skin Care


Beauty Works invites you to start your treatments 15mins early in our relaxation area, where ambient lighting, relaxing music, fresh juices, herbal tea, hot towels and our Spa Hostess all await you…


Full Body, Face & Scalp Massage- 1.5hrs Back Shoulders Neck & Scalp Massage-45mins
-With/without Hot Stones

Life Saving Back Treatment

A stress-relieving back treatment with deep cleansing, body brushing and exfoliation to help stimulate circulation and cell renewal, followed by a luxurious aromatherapy massage and purifying body mask using individually chosen essential oils combined with warmed Marine Mud. Ideal for all skin types, including those with congested skin, this relaxing treatment will leave you refreshed and renewed.

Salt and Oil scrub

This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines bodybrushing, sea salts, nourishing oils and essential oils to leave your skin moisturised smooth and soft. A compact treatment with a dynamic result.

Restorative Mud Envelopment

Marine Mud rich in trace minerals is known for its skin conditioning properties and is ideal for dry, dehydrated skin requiring nourishment and rebalancing. This wrap includes a full body exfoliation and an Oriental head massage to help ease tension and leave the skin purified and smooth.Ideal for aches and pains and superficial skin problems.

Detox Algae Evelopment

This therapeutic, balancing and detoxifying treatment involves skin brushing, gentle exfoliation and an algae envelopment rich in minerals and is designed to boost the metabolism and speed up the elimination of toxins. The treatment includes a full head massage using specifically chosen essential oils for total relaxation.

Skin Hydrator Envelopment

A truly luxurious experience including lymphatic skin brushing, skin smoothing body exfoliation and an envelopment with oils rich in Palma Rosa and Myrrh combined with our Deeply Nourishing Body Cream with Wild Yam and skin conditioning Marine Mud. Tranquillity is achieved with a mind calming Oriental Head Massage.