Fusion Mesotherapy Treatment

The secret to full & plump lips!

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Get plumper lips with our Fusion Mesotherapy Natural Treatment at Beauty Works Alderley Edge

Perfect Natural Lips

Perfect lips is an innovative Mesotherapy product designed to improve the definition and colour of the lips.

By adding nutrients to your skin the volume and hydration of the lips is increased leaving you with plumper lips.

Advanced Mestherapy Treatment for the Lips incorporating a cocktail of pure pharma grade ingredients

Benefits of our Fusion Mesotherapy Treatment:

  • Full Lips
  • Less Lines
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Adds definition & Colour
  • Boosts lip hydration
  • Painless & quick treatment
Lip Plumping Treatment

Every woman should be showing off a radiant glow for her special someone. Full and plump lips are one way to look and feel your best before a romantic night out or a quiet evening in.

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  • We have 3 Class 4 medical FDA approved lasers for all skin types
  • We have 2 Radio frequency devices that reduce wrinkles whilst tightening and firming your skin
  • Treatments are suitable for both men and women
  • Treatments available to over 18’s only
  • We use the latest laser technologies and have a range of different lasers on hand to ensure our treatment is perfect for you
  • Our lasers are specially designed to ensure long-lasting results on all skin types