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Laser Acne Removal

for Clearer, Healthier Skin

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Laser Acne Treatment has been described as ‘the most significant advancement in decades. Treatments tailored to your skin at Beauty Works Alderley Edge

Advantages of Laser Acne Treatment

  • Effective on all forms of acne vulgaris
  • Suits all skin types, face or body
  • No side effects
  • Excellent alternative to topical treatments (creams) or medication (antibiotics/acne pills)
  • Smoother skin complexion, clearer-looking skin
  • Also diminishes the appearance of acne scars
  • Boosts skin health and treats acne from within
  • Lasting results
  • Proven safety record, with extensive clinical studies

Acne can result in lifelong scarring, so early intervention is highly recommended. As well as the physical symptoms, acne treatment can also can also help patients to find a new self-confidence without the worry or embarrassment about their skin.

Before & After

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Our Laser Acne Treatment is significantly more affordable than treatments based on older laser technology.

How does laser acne treatment work?

This advanced procedure is based on a very simple principle, which is to destroy the overactive bacteria causing the inflammation. The laser energy penetrates beyond the surface of the skin and reaches into the pores, where bacteria can grow in the sebum. The laser cleverly seeks out the bacteria without damaging the surrounding skin tissues. Bursts of laser energy raise the temperature in the skin tissues so that the bacteria are destroyed.

Then the machine extracts the remaining unwanted organic substances from the pores and assists in exfoliation at the skin’s surface, leaving skin intensely clean. In addition, the use of laser energy stimulates the skin’s natural healing responses. This calms the inflammation and also works in the longer term, boosting collagen production and restoring normal metabolic processes.

As the skin becomes naturally ‘healthier’, so it can better defend itself against new acne outbreaks and inflammations. Results can be seen from the first treatment, but a course is normally recommended for best results.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is virtually painless. Your skin may be slightly red for a short time afterwards, this is normal and settles within 24 hours. We recommend to keep out of strong sunlight throughout your course of treatment.

What will Laser acne treatment cost?

An individual consultation with the Beauty Works aesthetics clinic is necessary to obtain exact pricing. During the consultation we will perform a test patch to see if your skin is suitable for laser acne treatment and you will also see the results of the treatment for yourself first.

Laser Acne & Acne Rosacea

(Not IPL)

Single Treatment Course Of Three
Pre & Post Healing Treatment – Face £205 £560
Cosmetic Unit £97.50 £255
Full Face (inc Peels & Skin Therapy product package) £280 £760

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Why choose Beauty Works?

  • We have lasers suitable for all skin types
  • Treatments are suitable for both men and women
  • Treatments available to over 18’s only
  • We use the latest laser technologies and have a range of different lasers on hand to ensure our treatment is perfect for you
  • Our lasers are specially designed to ensure long-lasting results on all skin types