Wart & Verrucae Removal

Laser Treatments


There are many ways of treating Warts and Verruca’s.

Warts can be painted with a topical solution that can eventually kill the virus. However, this treatment can take many months of daily applications and has a relatively low rate of success.

Cryosurgery is sometimes used very successfully. The treatment involves liquid nitrogen to kill off the infected tissue but can need multiple treatments to reach the blood supply. This may also leave an unsightly wound that can take some time to heal.

Electrocautery uses a small probe to accurately introduce an electric current into the wart material with the aim of cauterising the blood supply.

Vascular lasers are the most successful method, as they can accurately target the blood supply to the wart without causing painful peripheral damage.

The pain involved is much less than cryosurgery or electrocautery and one treatment is sometimes enough to kill the growth entirely. If the wart does not recede completely with one treatment, further treatment will be needed to ensure that the growth is killed.

The treatment itself usually takes less than a minute.