Semi Permanent Make-up

from Beauty Works


Nia Bourne has been a fully qualified beauty therapist for over 20 years and has been professionally applying natural effect semi permanent make up for the past 16 years.
Micro-pigmentation should not replace make-up but compliment neglected areas of the face. We want to intensify the natural essence of the face adding lines that mother nature did not give us or has taken back over the years.

There are many different colour pigments that can by mixing give an individual colour match. There are 17 skin colours that enable us to camouflage.
German technology produces steady fine lines diminishing discomfort.
Lasts up to 3 to 5 years.

The ultimate natural result – the best that is available today.

Come in and see the results on eyes, lips and brows. Fill / even / define / lift and extend brows

Camouflage tired / sore / red eyes / disguise puffy eyes