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Laser Acne Treatment

Advanced Skin Care


Suitable for Acne Grade I,II,III

Laser acne treatment has been described as ‘the most significant advancement in acne treatment for decades’ and has even been reported in medical press such as The Lancet. In treating acne the laser is a safe, fast and effective procedure. Clinical studies have shown laser treatment to be comparable to if not more effective than prescription antibiotics. The treatment is virtually painless, without any side effects.

How it works

The treatment uses the invisible laser light which interacts with the bacterial cell. This interaction in turn destroys the bacteria present in the acne breakout. Once the bacteria are destroyed the inflammation will reduce rapidly and the skin will return to normal. Our lasers also have a collagen replenishment application, which helps repair the damage caused by acne infection and improves acne scarring. As a result the treatment has a long lasting beneficial effect on acne and the overall texture of the skin.

Before we commence any acne treatment procedures you must have a consultation and a test patch which we perform free of charge.