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Advanced Skin Care

Crystal clear

A deep cleansing treatment that refines the skin, eliminates open pores, smoothes lines, wrinkles, stretch marks & old scar tissue, including acne scarring.

Crystal clear deluxe lifting treatment

A one hour treatment that has excellent results – for skin refinement, firming and lifting.

Crystal clear beauty flash treatment

Recommended before the majority of any other facials. A complete thorough exfoliation which when taken prior to other facials will intensify their effect, giving fantastic results and making all home care products more effective. Excellent for the whole face or just localised problems.

Crystal clear eye treatment – seeing is believing

Fantastic as a one off or incorporated into other facials

Crystal clear neck and chest treatment

1 treatment or a course of 6.

Crystal clear body

Fantastic for smoothing, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, knees, elbows and feet.